CSDS communicates the status of multiple locations on multiple projects better than anyone I have worked with in the past. They are trustworthy, fast, and very responsive to our daily needs as well as capable to support all sizes of business for great success.

Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal Owner
Cleveland Heights Dental


We have confidence that our server and computer network is being monitored and updated to ensure that it is operating efficiently. CSDS staff quickly responds to our computer related questions and needs. They are knowledgeable and professional.

Jim Simon CPA


We can always count on quick response and resolution to our problems. There is a good understanding of our staff’s individual capabilities related to IT issues.

Take the time to compare other IT organizations to the company’s services, how long they have been in existence and the satisfaction of current customers.

Deborah Rutledge Rutledge Group


CSDS responds quickly and professionally to any problem we run into. It is as if they are in the building. Great partners with great service.

CSDS knows what they are doing and this gives us great comfort. They recommend products and services that “keep us safe”. The security programs we now have give us and our customers peace of mind.

“Choose CSDS; you will not regret it.”

Kerry Stewart President


The biggest benefit to us is the confidence and security that our data is protected and secured in the event of a disaster.

CSDS is committed to understanding our data security needs and positioning our organization for the future.

CSDS provides the best IT customer service. When there is an issue or problem, you can rely on them to address the concerns within 15 minutes.  It’s like having your own in-house IT department.

Nelson Ramirez Executive Director
Hispanic UMADAOP


The Network Assurance services provide us with the comfort of knowing that our servers and workstations are constantly being protected and monitored transparently and with minimal user input. In today’s IT environment, that is invaluable to our organization.

Since moving to the BDR system we no longer have the expense (media and storage thereof) and effort required to ensure that our data is being reliably backed-up and protected both on-site and off-site.

The CSDS technicians always respond timely and take the time to be sure that we are thoroughly satisfied with their service.

CSDS provides us with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to our IT needs.

Joe Connare The Libman Group


CSDS delivers peace of mind. We have confidence that our original security is updated and maintained as needed by a professional company.

CSDS delivers immediate response to problems, sometimes before we know we have one. They proactively check on our office when monitoring shows something irregular.  And another very important difference is owner and  key employees ability to explain computer needs and solutions patiently and  in laymen terms that we can understand.

Don’t hesitate-let these professionals handle your IT so you can be free to do your job.

Julie Difeo Gales Garden Centers


When we have called CSDS Inc for assistance, Bob and his team have been incredibly responsive. They have always worked hard to address and resolve issues as they occur. When our company relocated from one facility to another, Bob and his team’s advice and assistance were second to none. They ensured the server/hardware/software moves were done efficiently and effectively and with a minimum of fuss. They advised us re: IT needs as we set up our new Center and ensured our IT system would meet current and future needs. Bob’s team works in the background to ensure necessary updates are installed so that our system functions seamlessly and efficiently. Kudos to Bob and his team!

Bob’s team provides the personal touch. They treat us as if we were family – we are not a “number.” Bob and his team are friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.

We highly recommend CSDS Inc for all your Business IT needs. Bob and his team will not hesitate to come onsite to meet with their customers so that they truly understand what their needs are. Their recommendations are cost effective and suitable to meet the needs of your company. The team is knowledgeable, efficient and approachable. They provide timely service when issues arise and willingly answer questions and address our concerns.

Sue Campion MHA BSN RN CNOR Director of Nursing
Chagrin Surgery Center


I always thought that we were too small of a network and no one would waste their time on us.  I was wrong!  Before CSDS we were hacked and we had maintenance problems and no one to turn to for advice. With CSDS I have peace of mind that we have security for our system and continuity of our operation every day.

CSDS has earned my trust and that speaks volumes.  They are always responsive and always figure out the problem to keep our operation running.

If your business depends on a computer or network system and without it you cannot run your business, CSDS will always be there to “Save the DAY”.  I feel CSDS is my business partner and without their support and expertise, I am not sure that I would be running a MY BUSINESS today!

Michael Mandat Owner
Premier Aerosol Packaging, Inc.